Friday, December 4, 2009

Taking Some New Directions in Writing Online: The Great Revenue Share Experiment

Over the last several weeks, I’ve been exploring some new avenues in building income by writing online. Thus far, I’ve concentrated on websites that offer up-front pay, like Demand Studios, and predictable pay, like Constant Content, mostly ignoring revenue share sites offering longer-term passive income like, HubPages or Bukisa.

After reading two very helpful blogs, No Job for Mom and The Freelance Home Writer, I realize that I’m missing a vital piece of my potential income stream by failing to invest adequate time in passive income sources.

Over the next several months, in an effort to gauge the potential that revenue share sites have to offer, I’ll begin submitting pieces and tracking progress. I’ll post progress reports on my blog as I go to compare the effectiveness of these passive income sources.

What’s the baseline?

Thus far, in terms of revenue share, the only work I’m currently bothering to track is through Demand Studios. So far, my income from DS through their revenue share program has been very disappointing, especially considering that at least 2 of my articles consistently appear in the top 5 Google results for keywords associated with the content.

This month, I began submitting articles to Bukisa following several positive reviews. Bukisa offers pay per page view at a defined “index”, usually set around $4 per 1000 unique “qualified“ visitors. For writers that refer new contributors, the website also offers passive income opportunity by way of a commission on the new writer’s page views without penalizing the new writer.

So, at the beginning of this experiment, this is where I’m at:

Demand Studios Revenue Share
July 2009............2 Articles......  $0.16
August 2009........2 Articles........$0.25
September 2009....2 Articles........$0.24
October 2009.......4 Articles........$0.53
November 2009.....5 Articles........$1.20

As a side note: Please do not think that this means that DS does not pay. These numbers reflect only the articles that I have in their revenue share program. Their up-front pay for articles ranges from $7.50 to $15 per piece. In terms of the website’s professionalism and fixed income opportunities, I have nothing but nice things to say.

Thus far, in December, with 5 articles in the revenue share program on DS, I’ve only earned $0.01.

For the 4 articles that I’ve posted with Bukisa since December 1, I’ve earned $0.08.

Next status report to be posted: January 1. Let's hope things start looking up!

In the interest of full disclosure, if you click on a link to Bukisa through this blog, I will be credited as your referrer. This would not penalize you in any way, but if you would like to join Burkisa without being referred by my account, please open a new window and type in the web address or Google it.

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