Monday, January 4, 2010

And Then There Were Technical Difficulties

So, I thought I'd use this blog to experiment a bit. And, for those who visit it often, you see that I keep changing around the widgets and the backgrounds. Unfortunately one of the "improvements" that I've added to the site is not functioning properly.

A couple of days ago, I started supporting IntenseDebate for my comments. I chose this commenting platform because it provides backlinks directly to the blogs of those who are nice enough to leave me comments. I thought it would be an attractive feature and give something back to those who actually take a moment to read my blog.

Unfortunately, while I'm receiving confirmation of new comments on blog posts in my email, they're not consistently showing up on the site. I apologize for the frustration caused by this snafu. I've contacted technical support at IntenseDebate and will find a solution to this issue soon.

If you've left a comment but cannot see it, let me know (I still see your comments in my email).

As always, I appreciate your patience and support.