Sunday, January 31, 2010

Please Excuse the Dust

Well, it’s been an action-packed January and to be honest I need a little break.
This month I’ve been to Las Vegas, Cleveland and Boston, I’ve decided to relocate for a new job, and my now ex-boyfriend and I decided to split. Am I living in a movie or is that just megalomania?

In December, I was contacted, completely out of the blue, by a recruiter in Cleveland, Ohio. The opportunity seemed too good to be true - a step up in terms of the corporate ladder, a great company, close to my family, better money and benefits, perfect. Out of curiosity, I followed up and went on the interviews.

Everything went smashingly. The job felt like a perfect fit and last week they offered me the position. The offer is more than competitive and most importantly, it’s only 2 hours from where my family lives.

My now ex-boyfriend supported the decision, pushed for it actually, saying that it would be crazy for me to pass up. He came with me to Ohio to meet my family, set today for me to meet his. We talked about taking some time to decide whether he would move out to Cleveland. Everything was busy, but I felt really excited about the move and the direction it was taking.

Then, last night he told me that he would never move, that it’s not feasible for him, that he would never be able to live so far from his family.

While I was thinking put your big boy pants on, I found myself realizing that I have more important things to worry about at the moment than his commitment-phobia. At 30, relationships progress to places where the mommy and daddy security blankie is a little ridiculous.

So, please excuse my little rant and my absence pending the easing of the craziness that’s unfolding in my life (yet again). I’m going to take a little break and promise to get back into the swing of sharing the blogosphere with you in the next few weeks.